"Why I prefer the field of science over any other is this one single fact: there is no final decision, but a process of constant discovery, discussion and leaning into the evidence that shifts as well. The questions mature as the answers compete."
- Scott Jackson-Ricketts

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Doughton Park spring excursion for fish and flowers

One of my favorite "spring beauties", crested-dwarf iris, which was fairly abundant along Grassy Gap fire road in Doughton Park this weekend. This and other spring ephemeral wildflowers seem to be coming forth much earlier than usual. Sadly, the fruit trees will likely follow suit and lose their blossoms to a late frost within the next 3 weeks. 

 This cute little orchid almost escaped my eye as I returned from my fishing hike along Basin creek in Doughton Park. I'll have to look up its common name, as this species is one that I am not very familiar with.
A nice 15-inch wild rainbow that I caught in Stone Mountain State Park in a stream designated as wild trout water (had I been fishing elsewhere in the park, I would have been doing so illegally on Friday). I'm finding that although the plants and birds seem to think its sincerely spring, the trout so far have yet to agree with them. While this was a fine catch, it was one of the few fish that could be persuaded to bite. In a couple more weeks, they'll likely bite with more zeal.

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  1. Eric, your unidentified flower is a Showy Orchis. O-r-c-h-i-s is the correct spelling. The scientific name is Galearis spectabilis (or Orchis spectabillis). It is one of our native orchids.